How can you send the large file in Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo messenger has gained popularity among the users after its upgrade to the later versions that are quite compatible with PC or mobile OS. Be it is being used in Windows OS or Mac OS X device, its contribution is quite spectacular. Anyone, who is fond of interacting with friends and use amazing services like using Emoji, the attachment functionalities and sticker can download and install Y! Messenger on the desktop or smartphone device without any hassle.

Since the Yahoo messenger was launched, the feature of sending files was always there but to a certain limit. There was a defined procedure to transfer or send the file as an attachment using Yahoo messenger app or chat messenger encapsulated within it.

As many users have no idea how to send large files to known ones using Yahoo messenger, they could not transfer essential files to the needy person when required the most. On some occasions, the compatibility issues with OS prevent users from utilizing the services of transferring large files to Yahoo messenger.  Server downtime, use of wrong login credentials, yahoo account id blocked or an obsolete version of messenger can be certain reasons why users are not able to fix technical or complex issues in messenger.

How to get the technical issues in Yahoo Messenger Fixed in Minutes?

  • Uninstall the obsolete version of Yahoo messenger from the PC or mobile device and get the latest version installed.
  • Switch to the classic version in Yahoo mail where Yahoo messenger feature is also encapsulated
  • Upgrade the Android or Ios version installed on the device if your latest Yahoo messenger is not working

Hope, you can now transfer larger files as the technical issues in Yahoo Messenger are fixed and it is working up to the mark. Here is the process to send large files in Yahoo messenger.

  • Double-click on Yahoo messenger shortcut icon and click on the same
  • Once the login dashboard is displayed, enter the sign-in credentials
  • As the login credentials get validated successfully, the contacts are directly displayed on the messenger in alphabetical order with green button signifying the online friends
  • Select one of your friends with a single click and then double click on it to open a private window
  • As the private window overlaps the Yahoo messenger dashboard, click on the attachment icon.
  • A small window is opened in which all the folders or files saved on the desktop are displayed.
  • If the document you want to share is saved on the desktop, locate the file and click on the open button.
  • If the file is large and yahoo messenger is not allowing to transfer it, then it is required to compress the file using WinZip software or RAR file format.
  • Try again to upload the file attachment on yahoo messenger attachment functionality we are sure it will be going to help you.

In case, you are really troubled using these steps as it is not helping a bit to upload and send large file attachments through Yahoo messenger, you are advised to give a call at Yahoo customer service toll free number  if found on the web as it can be the best option to get instant help from experts during the hour of need.